Monday, January 28, 2013

Answers to last week`s quiz (#289)

  1. When IBM and Ford announced casual work days, allowing employees to wear business casual attire, which brand ran congratulatory ads in the Wall Street Journal and USA today? This brand credits itself of inventing the concept of casual wear. Hush Puppies  
  2. Connect the Octopus, the Murex Snail, Cow’s urine, the Lac insect and Red Onions with the fashion industry. What do you get? 
    They are all sources of natural dyes used in the fashion industry. Cow’s urine produces the indian yellow colour, Octopus– Sepia brown, Lac-red/violet, Murex snail – purple and red onions the onion red colour  
  3. This NYSE listed company was founded in the early 60’s. Its founder invited friends into her Queens home once a week, to discuss how best to lose weight. Name the founder and the company. 
    Weight Watchers International Inc was founded in 1963 by a Brooklyn home maker Jean Nidetch.  
  4. Name the company that was forced to hire an outsider as its CEO for the first time since its inception in 1847. It was reeling under a global bribery scandal. 
    Siemens. It hired Peter Loscher in 2007 who was President of Merck US at that time. Until 1999 German companies could deduct bribes paid abroad from their taxable incomes.
  5. This person, while head the marketing team of a technology company in 1991, came up with a revolutionary slogan after a failed promotion. He and his team studied successful consumer marketing techniques and tactics used by well-known companies supplying a ingredient of a finished product, like NutraSweet™, Teflon™ and Dolby™. Name the person, company and the slogan.. 
    Dennis Carter and this team at Intel came up with the slogan “Intel Inside”
  6. Name the brand that has launched a point system by introducing a proprietary unit of measurement for tracking activity and movement of the customer. It is recorded by the means of a wrist band. Also name the program. 
    Nike’s FuelBand. It is a three-axis accelerometer worn on the wrist, translating the wearer's daily movements into proprietary NikeFuel points to track the individual's activity and energy expenditures  
  7. This brand is known as Sure in the UK, Degree in the USA and Shield in South Africa. By what name is it sold in India? 
  8. What is the term used to describe a marketing strategy in which a firm marketing a product with a well-developed proposition uses the same brand name in a different product category? 
    Brand extension or brand stretching
  9. Whose new tagline or slogan is “Let’s go Places”? 
    Toyota Motors
  10. Whose logo is this? (Note: The cut visible at the bottom is intentional. The outer border of the logo actually is a full circle and is of the same colour as in this image) 
    Hyderabad Metro Rail. L& T Metro rail, which is the concessionaire, unveiled this new logo and announced that the project’s brand ambassadors would be chosen from students and citizens of Hyderabad through a multi-stage competition

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