Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Strategist Quiz (#265) Gaurav Sri Krishna / New Delhi Aug 06, 2012,

  1. This company’s first sales agents in India began work in Chennai and Kolkata in 1912. It uses a term to describe smaller or ‘daily-portion’ packs designed to be bought on a regular basis which are manufactured locally, using local raw materials to minimise value chain cost. Name the company and the term that describes this product practice.
  2. This chain of retail stores started in 1970. It was born out of the belief by its founders that shopping had become a tedious and boring pastime and they wanted to create a fun shopping environment and accordingly conceptualised these stores. It is now part of a global brand. Name it?
  3. In the London 2012 Olympics, no advertisements are allowed in the stadium and no logos may be emblazoned on the athletes kits except for two brands. Name the brands and state the reason for this exception.
  4. With which brand are the following related: Hockey butt, zipper garage, cuffins and sniffle catcher?
  5. This person undertook a road trip from Peshawar to Tuticorin and from Quetta to Kolkata in the early 1920s. By covering 7500 miles to understand the Indian market he is credited with India’s first ever market research study. His research trip resulted in an unexpected outcome, a set of road maps of India, which he drew for the Automobile Association of India. Name him.
  6. One becomes a member of this club only if he survives a gun shot. The members of this club owe their lives to an invention that had almost been discarded before its remarkable properties were discovered. Name the club.
  7. Where have the following trinities associated with the London 2012 Olympics got incorporated: the third time that the games have been held in London — 1908, 1948, 2012; the Olympic motto ‘faster, higher, stronger’; and the vision of this year’s Games, To unite ‘sport, education and culture?
  8. This agricultural produce is used as a controlling agent in oil wells to facilitateeasy drilling. It is India’s no.1 farm export. Name it.
  9. Which company’s FMCG brands are endorsed by Madhuri Dixit and Vidya Balan, the only two actors who have currently modeled for them?
  10. Identify the brands, one from its logo and another from its mascot and establish the connection between the two.

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