Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Strategist Quiz (#266)- Gaurav Sri Krishna / New Delhi Aug 13, 2012,

  1. One of the cartoon characters owned by Hanna Barbera is also a brand name for a range of children’s multivitamins sold in the US. Name the cartoon characters and the company.
  2. This thin grade of paper used for printing books which have a large number of pages is technically called lightweight offset paper. By what other name is it known? An Indian company now has global plans for it.
  3. Which famous university’s motto is the name of the Roman goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue?
  4. An employee of RCA said this in the late 60s when his company launched his invention to the world in a press conference “The story of _____has all the ingredients of a good novel. There was excitement, frustration, success, failure and personal tragedy”. Name him and his invention.
  5. In the late 1920s the founder of this company purchased the bankrupt Stewart Battery Company’s battery eliminator plans and manufacturing equipment at auction for $750. By what name is this company now known?
  6. Which company was the first one to offer paperless proxy voting for its employee shareholders?
  7. The company that owns this brand does not know exactly how this brand introduced in the early 1900s got its name. A popular theory is that the candy was named for the sound or motion of the chocolate being deposited during manufacturing. Name the brand.
  8. What was the resultant after a premature obituary in 1888 headlined “The merchant of death is dead”, which meant that the founder of a company became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before?
  9. What is being billed as the Taxi of Tomorrow?
  10. Identify the brand from its logo. It suddenly got noticed when it signed up a sensational brand ambassador.

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