Monday, February 27, 2012

Answers to last week's quiz (#241)

  1. Based on a report published by UN for the year 2011, Qatar is ranked No.1, Luxembourg is No.5 and USA is ranked No.10. On what have they been ranked?This is a ranking of the countries having the highest per capita income as per the Human Development Report of 2011 published by the UN
  2. The origins of this song date back to a kindergarten class in the mid 19th century and the Warner Music Group (Time Warner) which owns its copyright earns approximately $ 5000 per day ($2million per annum) in royalties. Name the song. Happy birthday to you. The tune originated from the Hill sisters in the US in 1893 and the song was copyrighted in 1935.
  3. Which oil company brand was displayed prominently in the Kishore Kumar-starrer chartbuster Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si… from the movie Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi in 1965?Mobil
  4. Carl Linnaeus the famous Swedish taxonomist’s most persistent attempts to grow this particular crop in Europe during the 1700s failed after 20 attempts. After ages the first commercial crop of this plant variety was harvested in 2005 in Cornwall, UK. Name it.Tea
  5. Who is shutting down their high profile retail initiative Super Circle of Excellence?State Bank of India
  6. After the disintegration of USSR in 1990 this person who headed one of the most authoritarian and bizarre regimes in the world as its president. He wrote a book of spiritual teachings that was the main component of state education, as well as the country’s driving test to get a license. Name the person and the book. The erstwhile dictator of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov’s book of spiritual teachings was called the Ruhnama.
  7. This person earned a reputation in his native Germany for cracking corporate PBX systems in the United States. In the 1990s, he founded a computer security company and also served as the chairman of a now bankrupt company called Monkey AG. Name him.Kim Dotcom, founder of the internet’s biggest file sharing website Megaupload
  8. Which brand claims to have launched the first tablet computer exclusively for women?Homegrown Indian brand Milagrow
  9. It is said that every time we hear a clear sound on television, radio or make a cell phone call we are indebted to this man. Who is he? Edwin Howard Armstrong, the father of modern radio and inventor of Frequency Modulation (FM)
  10. Identify the company from its logo which was in the news recently.French company Dassault aviation, makers of the fighter jet Rafale

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