Monday, February 27, 2012

The Strategist Quiz (#242)

The Strategist Quiz (#242)
Gaurav Sri Krishna / New Delhi Feb 27, 2012, 00:27 IST
  1. If Koryo is a Future Group brand, who owns Koryolink?
  2. This company was known as a start up factory in 2001. At that point in time it had thrown up more than 50 start ups and 88 CXOs, many of whom set up Indian operations for giants like Lucent, HP and Philips. Name it.
  3. Whose advertisement copy reads “Help save the Laptop”? It has an image of a fishing boat.
  4. Who are the owners of a company set up by the name NourishCo?
  5. The publisher of these books in the late 80s liked the quirkiness of the animals and insects on the cover and thought it would help to make the books stand out from those published by others. Today, this publisher is well known all over the world for his animal branding. Name the publisher.
  6. It was during a trip to Italy in 1819 the founder of this brand discovered the sale of this particular item being sold for the first time. In those times the exotic product was sold at the chemists as a fortifier, and at a price only the nobility could afford. He wanted to change all that and on his return to Switzerland, he opened a small factory where he manufactured the same product of best quality at a price affordable for many people. Name the founder and the brand.
  7. Connect Agatha Christie to a village between Brussels and Lille (French speaking part of Belgium) and identify a beer brand.
  8. The founders of this company were known for their fun and pranks. They called the Vatican by pretending to be Henry Kissinger wanting to speak to the pope by using one of the contraptions they assembled together. Name them.
  9. For what did the prestigious “Charleville Hotel” built around 1870, provide the initial infrastructure?
  10. Identify the brand from its logo.

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