Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Answers to last week's quiz (#237)

  1. An engineer from Siemens India was challenged by his wife to repair an imported electrical appliance manufactured by Braun of Germany. Instead of doing so he designed a new one and founded his own brand. Name the person and the brand. Sathya Prakash Mathur founded the Sumeet brand of Kitchen appliances.
  2. Who arrived at these three discriminators namely: Financial discipline, empirical creativity and product paranoia to suggest that these helped companies achieve outstanding results in highly volatile environments?Jim Collins and Morten T Hansen in their book Great by Choice.
  3. Inspiration for the design of this brand dates back to pre-World War II vehicles made by a company in Nebraska, USA. It entered India in 1960 and left in 1971, reappeared during the 90s that lasted till 1999. It is making a comeback again as a luxury brand and likely to be launched next year. Identify the brand.Italian Scooter brand Vespa manufactured by Piaggio of Italy.
  4. On the day of which product’s launch did the CEO of the company respond to a reporter’s query on its pre launch market research by saying “Did Alexander Graham Bell do any market research before he launched the telephone”?Steve Jobs responded to a reporter by saying “Did Alexander Graham Bell do any market Research before he launched the telephone” on the day the Apple Macintosh was launched.
  5. The founder’s mother suggested a Sanskrit name meaning a falling star or meteor, for this ad agency. Name the founder and the ad agency.Ulka, founded by the late Bal Mundkur. It now exists as FCB Ulka.
  6. Apart from being known as the inventors of the worldwide web and Facebook, what else are Tim Berns Lee and Mark Zuckerberg known for notably? They find themselves in the list of notable hackers known for their hacking acts.
  7. Which music company intends to trademark the first few lines of a song produced by it in order to use it as a brand? This will be the first of its kind in India.Sony music intends to trademark the first few lines of the super hit viral song Why this Kolaveri di.
  8. Which brand has been inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888?National Geographic.
  9. Who uses the Murder Investigating Strategy while pitching for new business? It is assumed that the key period for solving a murder is normally the first 48 hrs.Advertisement agencies. Having agreed a direction and way forward with the client, the agency’s strategy is to hone and refine the direction agreed upon in the first 48 hours.
  10. Identify the financial services and beverage brand from their logos, and mention the unique transaction they entered into at the end of 2011.
    Royal bank of Scotland (RBS) by virtue of being state-owned after the global financial crisis, sold 900 odd pubs it owned in the UK to Heineken the beer brand.
There were 24 all-correct entries for The Strategist quiz #237.The winners who will receive a copy of The 60 Seconds Leader are Arup K Pal, Hooghly; Sufia Fatimi, Ahmedabad; P N Bakuli, Kolkata; Rajani Gaynar, New Delhi; Devki Nandan, New Delhi; Sanat Kumar Mukherjee, Kolkata; Hena J, New Delhi; P K Mishra, New Delhi; Rashi Agarwal, Jhunjhunu; Sangeeta Sharma, New Delhi. Arup K Pal also wins Rs 2,000.

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