Monday, January 23, 2012

Answers to Quiz No. 236

Answers to last week's quiz (#236)
Strategist Team / New Delhi Jan 23, 2012, 00:05 IST

  1. With whom is the phrase “No Free Hunch” connected?
    No Free Hunch is the official Kaggle blog. Kaggle is an innovative solution company for statistical/analytics outsourcing, that harnesses the power of crowd sourcing.
  2. What system was introduced into the rest of Europe and the world by émigré Venetian glass-blowers to protect their skills against those of local workers?The system of patenting. It is claimed to have been first introduced in Venice Italy during the late 1400s.
  3. This person exchanged his French citizenship for American in the 40s, saying that it was thanks to the US that he had a wonderful wife, a good job and the ability to do something for them. Name the person and one the first’s linked to him.General Georges Doriot is considered as the person to have started the first Venture Capital Company.
  4. What was priced at USD 666.66 as the mark of the beast when it was introduced for the first time?The first Apple Computer designed by Steve Wozniak co founder of Apple. The pricing was Wozniak’s prank.
  5. Who own the brands A+ and a+? One of them is accused of infringing the other.A+ is Amul’s dairy brand and it is claiming damages from Nestle for infringing on its brand by launching a yoghurt brand a+.
  6. What is the term that describes people working in a shared work environment alongside with others normally not from the same organisation? It was coined by a Game designer, writer and humorist. Name him also.Term ‘co working’ was coined by Bernie DeKoven in 1999.
  7. Founder of this brand held a variety of jobs including: farm hand, streetcar conductor, an army private in Cuba, rail yard fireman, blacksmith’s helper, insurance salesman, tire salesman and service station operator. His brand is the main sponsor of a cricketing event called the Big bash. Name him and the brand. Colonel Harland Sanders founder of KFC. KFC is sponsoring the T20 Big bash cricket tournament currently being played in Australia.
  8. This chocolate brand was named after a young boy who frequented the candy shop, flirting with the girls who were working there. The owner on hearing his name often while being beseeched by the girls, named the product after him. Name this brand now owned by Nestle.The chocolate bar Oh Henry.
  9. Who had launched a brand called Pingo?Parle’s pineapple flavoured fruit drink which did not take off.
  10. The logos below represent companies that have the same name. Identify them. 
    The first logo represents Merck of Darmstadt, Germany, the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world. The second one belongs to the US corporation Merck which merged with Schering Plough in 2009.

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