Sunday, July 1, 2012

Answers to last week's quiz (#259)

  1. When Amul was building a modern dairy plant to process liquid milk UNICEF and other diary experts declared it impossible to process liquid milk into powder and other solid products. Undeterred, Dr Kurien’s team went ahead and achieved one of the firsts in the world. What is it?Amul was the first in the world to convert buffalo milk into powder, butter and Ghee etc
  2. Whose in house magazine for its employees is called the Magic Carpet?Air India
  3. This name the brand that was presented through India’s first colour advertisement in the mid 40s. Also name its ad agency.India’s first ad agency B Dattaram founded in 1905 and was responsible for the first colour advertisement for Ramtirth Brahmi Hair oil.
  4. What term did Stuart W Cramer, a leading textile engineer from Charlotte, North Carolina, introduce in 1906?He used the term air conditioning in a patent claim filed for a humidifying head, , giving the fledgling industry in 1906 its name
  5. Whose baseline reads “If We ask the right questions we can change the world”?Dassault systems
  6. Name the two global technology giants that are embroiled in a controversy which is dubbed as “the Itanium situation”.HP and Oracle
  7. This person known as the London Whale was mainly responsible for a $2 billion loss that hit a Wall Street bank. Name him and the organisation he represented? Bruno Iksil, a London based trader of JP Morgan. He had influence in the credit derivatives market which spurred some of his counterparts to dub him the London Whale.
  8. Name this entrepreneur who at the age of 26 started selling trouser material branded as White, Blue, Brown(WBB) and launched a brand called Manz Wear in India?Kishore Biyani
  9. Which organisation orients its employees around the concept it calls Scootitude?Scoot airlines, a low cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines
  10. Identify the character in the images and the brand that uses it as its logo. The first image shows its logo from the 50s and the second image is its current logo.
    Staedtler, the german pencil and writing instruments company. The logo represents the image of the Roman god of war.

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