Monday, July 16, 2012

Answers to last week`s quiz (#261)

  1. In the recently concluded Rio +20 Earth summit, more than 50 countries and 86 corporations, including Walmart and Unilever, signed a declaration supporting a measure of wealth that goes beyond GDP by including the value of natural assets such as soils, watersheds and fisheries. What is this measure called?Natural capital accounting
  2. A software outsourcing company was set up by two San Diego entrepreneurs in a 600-cabin cruise ship off the coast of California, just over the 3-mile border that marks international waters. An innovative engineering service which creates high end software engineering jobs in the US while still providing lower overall costs. Name the company and the trademarked phrase they created to describe their business strategy.David Cook and Roger Green set up Seacode, a software company on a ship and called their business strategy, Hybrid Sourcing
  3. Which was the first company in India to market LPG as a cooking fuel to domestic consumers during the mid 50s?Burmah Shell which later got nationalised in 1976 and was renamed as Bharat Petroleum
  4. Prince Bernhard, consort of the Dutch queen and prime minister of Japan were involved in a multi-country bribery scandal involving an US based company during the 70s. Name the company.Lockheed Corporation
  5. What is common to Prachi Desai, Yujraj Singh, Remo Fernandes, Zaheer Khan, Mario Miranda and Mahima Chaudhary?They were all brand ambassadors for Goa Tourism
  6. Whose employees are referred to as Crayons?
    Employees of the Supercomputer company Cray Inc.
  7. Which product was announced through this advertisement that read “We thought you’d like to have something only fictional heroes like James Bond, Walter Mitty or Dick Tracy are supposed to own”?An HP advertisement announcing the first pocket scientific calculator in 1972
  8. Whose brands are Gemini, Rath and Silkroad?Cargill India
  9. This building was built by Greek business family in Mumbai in the 1920s. It was known by its family name till 2003. A Greek inscription carved on the front door stone lintel of the building reads “Walk the straight line”. What is the building’s new name and who is its current owner?TCS House formerly known as Rallis House. It is now the headquarters of TCS.
  10. Identify the brand from the visual. Every year during mid June to the first week of July it is noticed more.
    Christy, the UK based towel brand that has been the exclusive supplier to Wimbeldon for the last 25 years. It is now owned by the Indian Welspun group.

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