Monday, April 16, 2012

Answers to last week`s quiz (#248)

  • Connect Lockheed Martin and Coal India Limited to find what is common to them?
    London based hedge fund The Children’s Investment Fund, a hedge fund that actually is a charity organisation, is the top institutional holder of Lockheed Martin and also holds 1 per cent stake in Coal India Limited

  • Whose advertisement ran these lines “Lipsmackin, thristquenchin, acetastin, motivatin, goodbuzzin, cooltalkin, highwalkin, fastlivin, evergivin, coolfizzin,____? These lines are from Pepsi Cola’s advertisement released in 1973

  • The Aston Hill races near Birmingham provided the inspiration for the first half of a very popular brand’s name. Which is the brand?Aston Martin, the car James Bond prefers to drive. The name Aston was married to the surname of its founder Lionel Martin and hence thus it got its full name.

  • Name the term that is used to describe a technique for defeating a cipher or authentication mechanism (password) by trying to determine its decryption key or passphrase by searching all likely possibilities. It uses a targeted technique of successively trying all the words in an exhaustive list. Dictionary Attack

  • The base line for this brand’s latest advertisement reads ‘Gets You Back To You’. It tells the story of a woman overcoming obstacles, symbolised by a hill, to reach a place of perspective. It features a moving and contemporary cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way. Name it.Twinings Tea

  • A last minute call to step in and make a presentation lead to this person publishing one of the most popular business books which is said to have spawned the management guru business. It was first published in 1982 and it was based on a study of 43 companies. Name the book and its author. In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters

  • What firsts are James Cameron, filmmaker and Gavin Bate, mountaineer linked to?First ones to tweet from the deepest spot on earth (Mariana Trench) and highest point on earth (Mount Everest)

  • Who said this “Thinking first of money instead of work brings on fear of failure and this fear blocks every avenue of success”?Henry Ford

  • Which airline was the first one to order the Boeing 747 when it was launched?PANAM in 1966

  • Identify the logo from the visual. Also name the designer who won an award for this creation.
    BRICS 2012 New Delhi summit logo. A contest to design a logo for this conference was announced by the Ministry of External Affairs and the winner was Sonesh Jain, an architecture student of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

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