Monday, April 16, 2012

The Strategist Quiz (#249)

The Strategist Quiz (#249)
Gaurav Sri Krishna / New Delhi Apr 16, 2012, 00:01 IST

  1. Connect the Bollywood film Fanaa and the army truck scam that has hit BEML and find out what is common to both.
  2. If Facebook is the No.1 social networking site then what is SpaceBook?
  3. What is common to N Chandrasekaran, CEO of TCS, Winston Churchill and former US president Franklin Roosevelt? Get the clue from Rembrandt’s famous painting titled “Night Watch”?
  4. What is named after Georg Joseph Kamel, a Moravian missionary who was in Philippines in the mid 1600s?
  5. This person was a PhD from Yale, who at the age of 28 set up a national telegraph company to compete with Marconi’s. He was associated with 25 different companies that went into bankruptcy. He was called a scientific kleptomaniac. Name him and the invention he is famous for.
  6. This brand was developed by a pharmacist and his wife way back in the 1900s in Australia. It was introduced in India in 1947. Today this brand is considered as the worlds largest in sales and market share in its category. Name it.
  7. The co founder of which company who had always enjoyed tinkering with machinery and had gained some notoriety for building a working printer out of Lego bricks, took on the task of creating a new kind of server environment that used low-end PCs instead of big expensive machines.
  8. The alkalising process associated with this machine became to be known as “Dutching”. Name the inventor whose name is also a popular brand.
  9. What is a Kitemark?
  10. Identify both the logos which look similar. The brands carry names of their respective founders.

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