Monday, May 28, 2012

Answers to last week's quiz (#254)

  1. When and which company coined the acronym for Office Automation — OA? It recently unveiled a new global brand tagline. 

    Ricoh Company Limited of Japan in 1977. It recently introduced this new brand tagline, Imagine. Change.
  2. During the early years of this US university, established in the 1630s, tuition fees could be bartered for with lumber, livestock or construction stones. Name the university.Harvard University
  3. This company was very popular for its chain of tea shops it established during the 1890s in the UK which unfortunately closed in the early 1980s. In the information technology world, not known to many, it is credited with one of the industry’s firsts. Name the company and its pioneering achievement.J Lyons & Co was the first to use computers for business. Its first computer was developed in 1949 and was called LEO (Lyons Electronic Office).
  4. This business book published last year is about a famous personality and is titled____Invests Like a Girl. The author feels that the subject of the book is a great investor because he activates deliberative “feminine” wisdom when making investment choices. Name the person on whom this book is written and its author. Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet invests like a girl is written by LouAnn Lofton.
  5. Who introduced the concept of the 3 Horizons for growth to the management world? McKinsey and Company in a book titled “The Alchemy of Growth” authored by its consultants Mehrdad Baghai, Steve Coley and David White
  6. Whose quote is this “I don’t think of work as work and play as play. It is all living”?Richard Branson
  7. A Danish telephone engineer and inventor patented what he called a telegraphone in the 1890s. By what name is his invention better known as today?The telephone answering machine
  8. Which brand of fuel and lubricants did the Wright brothers use for their first historic flight at Kitty Hawk?The Standard (oil’s) Fuel and Mobil Oil brand of lubricants
  9. Which technology product company’s mascot is called Redhead or simply, Rex?Kingston technologies, the company that is considered the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products
  10. Identify both the brands from the visuals of their mascots and state the differentiators.They are bunny mascots for Duracell and Energizer . The Duracell Bunny campaign was launched in 1973 and predates the Energizer Bunny, which was created in 1989. The Energizer Bunny wears sunglasses, has larger ears, is a different shade of pink, and has a different body shape. The Energizer Bunny is depicted with a drum, because the Duracell Bunny toys had drums.
There were 33 all-correct entries for The Strategist quiz #254. Sampad Mishra, Rourkela; Suman Billa, Trivandrum; Afroz Ahmad, Thane; Atman Dhruva, Mumbai; Anuj Saraf, Mumbai; D Surendranath, Secunderabad; Anjali Iyer, Mumbai; Anurag Srivastava, Lucknow; Sunanda Joshi, Mumbai; Nitin Narayan, Panaji.
Sampad Mishra also wins Rs 2000.

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