Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Strategist Quiz (#252)

  1. This business magazine was first called New Business when it was launched. It witnessed the great crash of the Wall Street in 1929. Seeing this, the founder decided to change its name the subsequent year. Name the founder and the magazine.
  2. What term is used to describe a unit for the smallest detectable movement of a mouse in the computing industry? The cursor moves on the screen proportionally, at a rate of say X number of pixels per unit of this measure.
  3. Connect a Bruce Willis movie with a 42-year-old product from Sears and what do you get?
  4. Whose words are these “And there was Jack Welch. I got him into India because GE was not known in India and Pakistan. I pressed upon him to come. Rajiv Gandhi, who was a high-tech guy, had admiration for Jack. India was a closed economy and I became GE’s national adviser”?
  5. Which company manufactured the ballot boxes for India’s first general election that was held in 1951?
  6. Which brand gets its name from a French opera set in British India that was about the daughter of a Brahmin priest and her servant Mallika?
  7. Which brand used this tagline “Drivers Wanted” and also ran an ad campaign on the same theme?
  8. During the 1900s a family of seven brothers immigrated to California from Italy and they made strides in aviation by inventing the first enclosed cabin monoplane. In the 1950s in order to treat a family member’s arthritis symptoms with a hydrotherapy pump the brothers invented a pump and a small niche business was born. Name the family.
  9. This entity changed its logo in the early 2000s because it developed a wide range of licensed merchandise and products. The new logo is based on its magazine’s iconic gold border. Name it and the firm that designed the logo.
  10. Identify the character from the visual and name the company that created it.
compiled by Gaurav Sri Krishna,

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