Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Answers to last week`s quiz (#258)

  1. Which brand’s mascot is named after a legendary NBA Basketball player and coach?
    Twitter’s iconic blue bird is called Larry. It recently underwent a change which shows the bird looking up.
  2. What is an Audimeter and also by what other name is it known?
    An electronic device attached to a TV set that monitors which programmes are watched by whom 
  3. This celebrity is the first person to have hit the milestone 25 million followers on Twitter and therefore has started her own social networking website. Name the person and the social network. Name it.
    Lady Gaga and her social network called Social Monsters 
  4. Which brand recently got its logo out of hock?
    Ford Motors blue oval logo 
  5. An Indian e-commerce company installed 15 hand pumps, in a village in India so that villagers no longer have to walk for miles to quench their thirst. Pleased with the contribution the villagers showed their gratitude by renaming the village after this e-commerce company. Name it.
    The North Indian village Shiv Nagar changed its name to nagar 
  6. This company worked recently on a project internally called “Project Signature,” along with while creative agency Leo Burnett and digital agency VML to execute the new brand strategy and identity system. Name the brand and the new tagline this exercise resulted in.
    Kellogg’s new verbal identity – Make Today Great 
  7. Whose products are branded Yoga and Tai Chi, which are actually methods of breathing, exercising and meditating?
    Ultrabooks, manufactured by Lenovo and Asus are branded Yoga and Tai Chi 
  8. Whose brands are Myth, Cheer and Joy?
    Procter & Gamble 
  9. What was called Kiva Han and what is its claim to fame?
    The world’s first coffee Shop opened in Constantinople Turkey and was called “Kiva Han” 
  10. The three images are linked to one company. Identify it and state the reasons.
    EW Scripps company the diverse media concern with interests in newspaper publishing, TV and syndication. It conducts the Spelling Bee contests in the US and syndicates the Dilbert cartoons

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