Monday, October 29, 2012

The Strategist Quiz (#277) Gaurav Sri Krishna / New Delhi Oct 29, 2012, 00:33 IST

  1. The variety of a particular agricultural produce gets its name from the fact that its high yields supposedly allow growers to pay their debts. Name it and mention the region/country where it is grown.
  2. The CEO of this organisation got battered in a mugging incident a couple of years back. He was forced to handover a $11,000 watch. Post the incident, he called the company that makes that brand of watches and rest is history. Identify the person, the brand, and the resultant of his call.
  3. This brand has variants named, Napoleon, Marco, Voyager and Royal. Its base line is No Gas only _____. Complete the baseline and name the brand.
  4. What are gravity phones and name the first Indian brand to make them?
  5. Expand the acronym DAGMAR and mention when and who coined it?
  6. Mohammed Ali and Jimmy Connors were this brand’s spokesmen. At one point in time it launched a budget range variant of its product with the number 33 because it contained 33% of the fragrance of the original product. The company that introduced this brand is named after a Russian family. Name the brand and the company that first introduced it.
  7. If one is tracking the share prices of infrastructure companies DPTP, GMR Group, India Bulls and DLF, what is the colloquial term being used for them?
  8. Which brand’s baseline when translated means “The Car” in English?
  9. Who said this “Many people use research as a drunk uses a lamppost – for support and not illumination”?
  10. Identify this European luxury brand from its logo.

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