Sunday, September 30, 2012

Answers to last week's quiz (#272)

  1. Considered to be the father of the tablet computer, this person has driven innovations ahead of his times. He is also credited with the design of what is often called the world's first PC. He created the prototype of the first tablet way back in1993 and launched one in 2002 when he was with Microsoft. Name him.Chuck Thacker. He was the chief designer of the Xerox Alto, a machine launched in 1974 that is often called the world’s first PC. He also built the Windows XP Tablet PC ,also the world’s first.
  2. In which company is this term FOSS used to describe a cadre of elites who have assumed powerful positions? Also expand it.Friends of Sheryl Sandberg (FOSS) is a term used at Facebook to describe a cadre of elites who have assumed powerful positions under the leadership of its COO Sheryl Sandberg
  3. This management technique was first applied by the United States Agency for International Development in the late 1990s. It earned recognition as an approach to managing the change process in organisations. It focuses on what an organisation does well rather than on eliminating what it does badly. Name it.Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
  4. Name the first building Le Corbusier completed in Ahmadabad in the mid 50s.The Mill owners Association Building situated on the banks of the Sabarmati. It was a fitting tribute to the textile industry, which generated the city’s wealth at the turn of the 20th century.
  5. When this single use camera was launched, it is stated that customers in the US called customer support to find out if it could be used during the week. Why? Also name the manufacturer. Since it was branded Weekender by Kodak
  6. This person was known as ‘The Man Who Bought The Company’ went on to become one of America’s leading entrepreneurs. While he was working with Lever brothers in the 50s, he is known to have persuaded a roomful of hardened buyers to buy Pepsodent toothpaste by making a brief but memorable sales presentation that featured a trained monkey. Name this person. Viktor Kiam. He first made his fortune as the President and CEO of Remington Products, which he famously purchased after his wife, bought him his first electric shaver and he liked the product very much.
  7. This brand was created when its founder got inspired by, an odor-absorbing solution developed for hunting apparel to prevent deer from getting tipped off by the smell of a sportsman’s sweat. The patent was held by a 126-year-old American company acquired by an Indian business group in 2008. It won the Harvard Business School’s Alumni New Venture Contest for startups with less than $1 million in invested capital this year. Name the brand, the American textile company, the Indian company that owns it and also the name of the trademarked solution.Knockout, the female undergarment brand created by Angela Newman. She bought the patent for the odor absorbing solution NO TRACE from Dan River Inc which is now a subsidiary of GHCL Ltd part of the Dalmia Brothers group.
  8. Whose official blog is Blue Tales?
  9. Whose trademarked baseline is "Go the Distance"? Apollo tyres
  10. Identify the company from its logo.

    Mastercard Worldwide’s Corporate logo  
There was 7 all-correct entry for The Strategist quiz #272.
S. Abishek Aditya from Noida wins Rs 2000. The winner of the cash prize was chosen by drawing lots.

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