Monday, September 3, 2012

The Strategist Quiz (#269) Gaurav Sri Krishna / New Delhi Sep 03, 2012, 00:02 IST

  1. The day iPhone was launched in 2007 to whom did Steve Jobs send this message and why - “couldn’t have done it without you”?
  2. Which company runs the GameChanger program, whose mission is to provide seed funding and guidance to cutting-edge ideas and foster a culture of innovation?
  3. This person worked in the Art department at General Electric Company. He is known for a very popular comic strip that first got published in 1958. Two of the characters from his comic strip were named after his colleagues at GE. Name him and his creation.
  4. The ad agency JWT made several attempts to promote this brand as a summer time drink during the 1940s. In one of the advertisements the copy reads - “As a pick me up ____with a little Sherry or old Brandy is a drink for the Gods”. Name the brand.
  5. This eminent inventor and scientist in the 1870s tried to teach his Skye terrier to growl in words and with his elder brother made a speaking machine that was modeled on a lamb's larynx. He always listed his occupation simply as "teacher of the deaf". Name him.
  6. Name the world’s largest derivative exchange where trading it claims is at speed of light. Two billion order messages per second.
  7. During the 1850s in London what were decency boards and where were they found?
  8. Keeping with the changing times which brand has dropped its 50 year old tagline “We try harder” and has introduced a new one recently?
  9. Which brand claims on its website that its inspiration is spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar?
  10. Identify the brand from its logo in the visual?

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