Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Strategist Quiz (#270) Gaurav Sri Krishna / New Delhi Sep 10, 2012, 00:06 IST

  1. The trademark of this brand was painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds in 1876 and was called the Infant Hercules. This brand is being manufactured and sold in India since the mid 50s. Name it.
  2. This perfume is based on the molecular structures of blood and semen. According to promotional materials, the perfume uses a first of its kind fluid technology to combine notes of atropa belladonna, Tiger orchid, incense, apricot, saffron and honey. Name the brand and its creator.
  3. The logo of this global brand has the colours of the flag of the country of its origin. In its logo the blue colour represents trust, and the yellow colour depicts happiness, optimism and imagination. It was founded by a 17-year-old in the early 40s. Identify the brand.
  4. Ironically whose technology was christened FairPlay?
  5. What is the term used to describe this system which is a collection of financial entities, infrastructure and practices which support financial transactions that occur beyond the reach of existing state sanctioned monitoring and regulation? Hedge funds and instruments like Credit Default Swaps fall under this category.
  6. Which 75-year-old bakery brand is named after one of the first ladies of the United States?
  7. The founder of this business group first worked for seven years without pay for an indenting firm in Madras. On the passing away of the owner in 1928 he inherited the business. The firm represented Beecham’s and Lever Brothers of UK. Also the Indian Postal department has issued a Rs 5 stamp in his honour. Name him.
  8. The only manufacturer of trains and planes in the world uses this baseline ‘the evolution of mobility’. Name it.
  9. The names Mea, Andrea, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie and Olivia are connected with which brand?
  10. Identify the company from its logo in the visual?

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